NICOLE&DORIS Fashion Women’s Versatile Leather Backpack in Black


The NICOLE&DORIS Fashion Women Backpack blends classic elegance and modern versatility. Crafted from high-quality leather, this backpack effortlessly transforms into a shoulder or chest bag. Its novel design and dedicated zipper pouch epitomise style and practicality.

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The NICOLE&DORIS Fashion Women Backpack, where classic elegance meets contemporary design. This backpack, set in a timeless black hue, is a testament to impeccable tailoring and the use of premium materials, ensuring both style and comfort.

One of its standout features is its adaptability. The innovative design allows the shoulder strap to be zipped together, effortlessly transforming this backpack into a shoulder or chest bag. This unique feature ensures that it’s more than just a regular backpack; it’s a versatile accessory tailored to various occasions and needs.

For those who value organisation, the backpack has a dedicated zipper pouch, making storing smaller essentials like lipsticks, keys, and bus cards convenient. This attention to detail ensures that everything has its place and you can easily access your belongings.

Every NICOLE&DORIS handbag is a labour of love, carefully handmade, with designers pouring their heart and soul into every stitch. This commitment to craftsmanship is evident in the backpack’s design and finish. Moreover, our customer service promises an experience that matches the quality of the product, ensuring that you’re never left wanting.

Step into a world where fashion meets functionality with the NICOLE&DORIS Fashion Women Backpack—a true embodiment of timeless style and modern practicality.

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