Calvin Klein Women’s CK Must Plus Tote Lg – Sustainable Elegance in One Size

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Elevate your style with the Calvin Klein CK Must Plus Tote Lg. Crafted from a blend of recycled polyester and polyurethane, this tote is a sustainable choice for the modern woman. Featuring a spacious interior with various compartments and a secure zipper closure, it’s the perfect companion for workdays, casual outings, and more.

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Calvin Klein Women’s CK Must Plus Tote Lg – Sustainable Elegance in One Size

Discover the perfect blend of style and sustainability with the Calvin Klein Women’s CK Must Plus Tote Lg. This tote is a versatile addition to any wardrobe, designed to complement both casual and formal attires. It promises to round off your look with finesse, whether paired with jeans and a top or a chic dress or skirt.

Made with a conscious blend of 51% recycled polyester and 49% polyurethane, this bag looks good and feels good, knowing you’re making an eco-friendly choice. The inner polyester lining ensures durability, while the various compartments provide ample space to organise your essentials easily. The secure zipper closure guarantees the safety of your belongings, making it ideal for a day at work, casual activities, and more.

Experience the luxury and functionality of Calvin Klein’s handbag collection, and make a statement with this sustainable and stylish tote.

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